Plant Tying Machine + 2 Pruners Scissors | Gardening Vine Tape Tool
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Plant Tying Machine | Gardening Vine Tape Tool

Have the opportunity to feast upon fresh ingredients or a beautiful garden without hassle with this high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use plant tying and tape tool!


  • Very easy operation - Half press to catch tape and then a full press to staple and cut.
  • Time saver – This tying stapler makes trellising your plants much more efficient than using zip ties and cable ties.
  • A practical and economic way for nurserymen, tree growers, vineyards, and orchards to tie plants.
  • The tape tool can be used for different kinds of plants such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, etc.
  • The plant tying tool comes with 10 rolls of tapes and a box of staples and ready to go.
The binding machine is only 0.53 kg, very convenient to take.
Cost recovery very fast. One binding machine can save 3 labors
Labor-saving, it can bind 3-4 times more plants than by hand in a unit time.
Time-saving: it cost less time, so when farmers busy with the planting, we can have more time to do the other things like sprinkle. And we can also increase the plant area because of its high efficiency.

Steps of Operation:
1. Hold handgrip and press down with force, when you hear a voice of "da". the tape is hooked by hook, loose handgrip to take out the tape, pay attention that you can't use an excessive force.
2. The branch of crop needs to bind overlap from wire and other materials, and tie both them with the tape, and quickly press down the handgrip by force.
3. After cut the adhesive tape off you should loosen the handgrip quickly and make a redundant small tape to spring out.
4. Attention: Tape bound should be parallel with the nail groove.

Maintenance Method:
1. If the tying hand machine of the blade is not able to cut the belt, please use a long flat nose plier to pull out the used blade, and change a new one.
2. When the hand tying machine of the stitching needle is blocked, you can use a nipper or small screwdriver to get it out. (If 1 section breaks into 2 sections, we also can use one-by-one sections to avoid being blocked.)
3. Add lubricant oil to every joint after tying the hand machine for are long time using.

Package include:
1 x Tapetool Machine
5 x Rolls Red Tapes
5 x Rolls Blue Tapes
1 x Box of Nails
2 x Pruners Scissors
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